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At Decorator Maps & Prints, our mission is to provide beautiful and unique maps and images of special interests for people people who are proud of their heritage, background, avocation or profession. We will be adding new prints and images and are interested in hearing from you with any requests or suggestions for future categories, maps, or themes.

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Map of Modern Armenia


Introducing the all new map of Modern Armenia!  Finally, a detailed wall map of the country of Armenia, including the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.  Labeled in English language with all major cities, villages, airports and highways.  Also includes physical features such as mountains, lakes and rivers, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries.

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Montgomery County Maps


Montgomery County, MD in 1865

This map was created shortly after the of the Civil War. It shows the locations of the towns of major importance at that time including Clarksburg, Rockville, Brookeville, Poolesville, Hyattstown, Darnestown, Cracklintown/Laytonsville, Gaithersburg, Washington, DC, and many more!  (You will be surprised what Bethesda and Chevy Chase were called 150 years ago!)

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U.S. Aeronautical Chart


This reproduction of a chart that was originally prepared by the FAA it has been reduced to fit as a display for home or office.

This is a beautiful reproduction of the FAA's Wall Planning Chart that any pilot or airplane aficionado would be proud to have on their office or home and will be the inspiration for many conversations of past flights. The map has been reduced from its original size to fit many locations and should not be used for flight planning purposes. We have just reduced the size and we have not made any additions or deletions to the map.

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Historic Washington DC (1920)


Bird's Eye View of Washington DC from 1920.
This hand-drawn “bird's eye view” of Washington DC is probably the most accurate ever created. It was produced over a two-year period of time and was sketched from the ground. Enjoy hours of fun locating interesting landmarks that are still there or those that have been lost to time. It is fun looking at the tree coverage over the National Mall or finding the obscure, like the old Piggly Wiggly grocery store. This map will bring hours of enjoyment!

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Made in the USA. Decorator Maps and Prints is now producing a World Wall Pin-board Map framed in a beautiful black or cherry wood frame. This award-winning map lists all of the continents, countries, and major cities with shaded relief showing the major land and sea elevations. The attractive map is perfect for tracking your travels or just for decorating the office, home or classroom. The map comes with push pins and hanging hardware. It is 24″ high by 36″ wide.

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